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MILLENNIUM LASERS - at the forefront of reprocessing CO2 lasers and cutting & marking laser technology

Millennium Lasers has established itself as a leader in the field of laser technology with particular expertise in sealed CO2 lasers. With over 30-years experience, the Company has gained an international reputation for its sealed CO2 laser products plus its regas and reprocessing technologies - driven by quality, performance, innovation, flexibility and competitive pricing. But of course, it was not always that way.....

The Company was founded by Dr. Paul Mason, a laser physicist and graduate of Swansea University in South Wales, UK.The original aim was to develop a range of sealed CO2 laser tubes suitable for use in the emerging field of surgical lasers. The Company subsequently grew its product range to include CO2 laser tubes for industrial use. Over time, the Company developed its own RF excited CO2 laser technology and commenced reprocessing 3rd party RF metal lasers in addition to DC glass tube lasers for clients worldwide.

From humble beginnings, where its first embryonic laser was designed and developed on a kitchen table, the Company now has three industrial units, a dedicated CO2 laser processing facility and laser systems manufacturing capability.

Over the years our portfolio has grown from our core CO2 laser products and services to include laser cutters, engravers and markers in both CO2 and Fibre laser formats.

Currently we are engaged in several bespoke industrial project developments for international clients. In addition, we are active in developing partnerships to exploit light-based technologies for medical and cosmetic applications.

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CO2 Laser Regas

Get your RF or DC glass tube laser regassed here

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CO2 Laser Tubes

Laser tubes to replace RECI, EFR, LASEA and more

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Laser Systems & Applications

UK made Fibre & CO2 laser cutting & engraving systems

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Bespoke Laser Solutions

Do you have a tough technical industrial problem to solve? We can design a solution.

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