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MILLENNIUM LASERS - providing service & support to maintain your laser machines in top condition no matter what the problem!

Millennium has a strong client base ranging from small sole traders, schools, colleges to multi-nationals. 

We pride ourselves on offering an efficient, reliable and cost-effective service or upgrade to your laser system. 

We offer complete service and repair programs for many educational, industrial, scientific, medical lasers. 

This includes CO2 laser re-gas and reprocessing. Millennium services all established brands including Epilog, 

CC, Gravograph, Trotec, Universal, Lotus and virtually all Chinese manufactured systems sold directly from 

China or sold via UK stockists of chinese lasers. 

If a repair is not possible and a new machine is financially out of reach we can even reconfigure your laser 

system and upgrade its power, saving thousands compared to the purchase of a new machine. 

Why do I need laser service?

Your laser system should be tested and adjusted at least once a year to deliver optimal performance 

and ensure a long service life.

The service should be performed in line with the recommended equipment maintenance plan.  

A service will include testing, cleaning and adjusting of all key components that contribute to optimal 

performance of the laser.

An annual or 6 monthly service will enable you to monitor wear and tear of critical machine parts. 

This will allow replacement of critical parts before they cause an operational emergency. Consequently, 

a service-led approach to 'preventative laser maintenance' will save the operator time and money over 

the lifetime of the machine.

The Millennium Lasers service & support offering will provide:

  1. A prompt response to customer requests for service of laser systems.
  2. A fully comprehensive service (see below) from an established laser company.
  3. Telephone access to a laser system technical specialist.
  4. A competitively priced service available on a national basis.

A proactive approach to servicing will in turn:

  1. Minimise operational downtime of a laser system.
  2. Ensure optimal machine performance and a long machine lifetime.
  3. Provide technical advice for issues with laser systems.
  4. Customer financial benefits via reduced; service costs, laser downtime & higher productivity.

A comprehensive laser service includes: checks and tests on; laser power, power supply calibration, 

beam quality, laser beam alignment throughout the system, mirror and lens clean and/or replacement, 

laser focus adjustment, air pressure, water coolant, drive motor and timing belt, cutting bed levelling 

if required and interlock checks along with system recommendations.


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