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MILLENNIUM LASERS - featuring special offers, reconditioned laser systems and laser tubes

Our offers are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our current listing includes (photos to follow):

     Laser cutter/engraver: Fully refurbished with new laser tube, HV power supply, optics, controller, 12-months warranty. Price 6,200 GBP. 1 sets. Laser power 110w, cutting area 1200mm *650mm.

    Gravograph LS900 - can be fiited with RF laser head with 30w, 50w or 100w power. 

    Raylase laser galvo marking system with 40W CO2 laser, (can be sold separately). Scan field 100*100mm. Hardly used. Price £7,000 GBP.

    Synrad S-48-25: sealed CO2 laser. Output 30-33W, warranty 12 months. Price £2,850 GBP.

    Synrad S-48-10: sealed Co2 laser. Output 15w and 17w, 2 sets. Warranty 12 months. Price £2,100 GBP. 

    Ex-demo CO2 laser cutter: 130W laser tube, 130*90cm bedsize, air purge, extractor, new mirrors and lens,12-months warranty. Price £11,750 GBP installed and commissioned.

    Coherent Deos G50 laser: 55W output, 12-month warranty. Price £5,500 GBP.

    Rofin OEM10: laser head and RF power unit. Price £6,500 GBP.

    Various Sharplan/ESC DC glass tube CO2 lasers. Price £2,750-£3,500 GBP. Call for details.

     A selection of mirrors, lenses and other laser accessories, please call for more information.

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    CO2 Laser Regas

    Get your RF or DC glass tube laser regassed here

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    CO2 Laser Tubes

    Laser tubes to replace RECI, EFR, LASEA and more

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    Laser Systems & Applications

    UK made Fibre & CO2 laser cutting & engraving systems

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    Bespoke Laser Solutions

    Do you have a tough technical industrial problem to solve? We can design a solution.

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