MILLENNIUM LASERS - providing the upfront support you need to work with us - some questions we receive on a regular basis

Q1. Does your  CO2 laser regassing come with a warranty?

A. Yes, 12-months for RF metal lasers and DC glass tube lasers 

Q2. Does your regas get back to the original laser power?

A. Yes, in around 99% of cases

Q3. How long does a regas take?

A. Normally 5-7 days but depends on internal work-load and sometimes complexity of lasers if they are very high power or of multi-tube design

Q4. What if my laser fails within the regas warranty?

A. Send it back, as long as there is no physical damage it will be repaired free of charge

Q5. Do you reprocess lasers for overseas clients?

A. Yes, frequently we do this

Q6. Do you regas chinese laser tubes such as RECI, EFR, LASEA and others

A. Yes, we can usually get them back to the nominal rated power. Sometimes we have to refit new mirrors etc and this is at extra cost

Q7. Do you come out to site to fit the laser and re-align upon installation?

A. Yes, this is a key speciality of ours

Q8.  If we wanted a customised laser, do you charge extra for that?

A. We quote on our Bespoke Solutions separately

Q9. Do you keep your own laser tubes as stock?

A. Yes, we keep a small stock of laser tubes as stock for 3rd parties 

Q10. What is the warranty on your laser tube?

A. Depends on the model but 12-24 months is typical

Q11. Do you make your own laser cutters and markers in UK?

A. Yes, at our site just outside Swansea, S. Wales, UK

Q12. What is the laser machine warranty?

A. 2 years

Q13. Do you supply machines to schools?

A. Yes, and we try to offer special deals to assist our UK schools

Q14. How long does a service on a machine take?

A. Typically 4 hours

Q15. Do you offer power supplies, mirrors and lenses and other accessories?

A Yes, call for details and availability

Q16. Can you repair RF power supplies for lasers?

A. Yes, if there is a fault we can fix them in about 95% of cases

Q17. Do you take credit card payments?

A. No, sorry, we take BACS, T/T and Cheques

Q18. Do you require payment before dispatch of goods?

A. Yes we do, unless you are a confirmed agent with specific terms of trade

Q19. Do you have information on the cutting and engraving performance of the laser cutters you sell?

A. Yes, please visit the Materials Cutting & Engraving Guide section on this site, or for more info please Contact Us

Q20. Do you collect and return the lasers for regas

A. Yes, we offer a 3rd party collection service at a nominal fee. However, all liability for lost or damaged goods shipped with couriers is the liability of the goods owner at all times

Q21. Do you allow for collection of goods from your premises in person

A. Yes, you may even get a brief tour and a cuppa!

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