CO2 Laser Regas

MILLENNIUM LASERS - the leading reprocessor of sealed CO2 lasers in Europe.

Our Company has an international reputation with a client base built up over 15 years of reprocessing 3rd party lasers. This implants our position at the forefront of sealed CO2 laser technology.

We have repaired and regassed many hundreds of 3rd party sealed CO2 lasers over the years including both RF metal and DC glass tube lasers. We pride ourselves in offering a fast and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new laser from an OEM manufacturer - backed by our 12-month warranty.

We offer our regas service for virtually ALL known  RF excited metal/ceramic lasers originally manufactured by Synrad, Coherent DEOS, Rofin, Universal and Iradion. In addition, we can regas DC glass tube lasers used in industrial cutters & engravers and specialise in tubes made by RECI, EFR, LASEA plus other Chinese suppliers as well as medical laser tubes made by Sharplan/ESC and many others. Please scroll down for some examples.

                                                                                       SYNRAD S-48-SERIES: 25W AND 50W


                                                                                       DC GLASS LASERS: RECI, LASEA, EFR.....all Chinese Tubes


                                                                                       IRADION LASERS (Trotec Machines)


                                                                                 SYNRAD FIRESTAR: V-series / T-series / F-series
                                                                                 (20W up to 400W)


                                                                              COHERENT-DEOS C-series / G-series
                                                                              (30W up to 250W)  including ALL obsolete systems                                                                                

                                                                            SYNRAD EVO SERIES
                                                                            (100W and 200W)                                                                       

                                                                           ROFIN OEM and SC Series
                                                                           (50W up to 600W)                                                                            

                                                                          COHERENT-DEOS GEM Series

                                                                         UNIVERSAL LASERS

                                                                         (UL30, UL50, UL100......)

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CO2 Laser Regas

Get your RF or DC glass tube laser regassed here

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CO2 Laser Tubes

Laser tubes to replace RECI, EFR, LASEA and more

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UK made Fibre & CO2 laser cutting & engraving systems

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Do you have a tough technical industrial problem to solve? We can design a solution.

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